Canine Therapy

The “Paws for Thought “ Program was a canine therapy program run as a pilot.


Research has shown that animals, particularly dogs, can help reduce the effects of stressful life-events, reduce anxiety, loneliness and depression and enhance better feelings of self-worth and self-esteem.


Charlie was a therapy dog who worked with men who had used abuse and violence and together with the therapist men learned how to take responsibility for their previous, harmful actions.


This unique program, that takes therapy out of the traditional counselling room, will continue as funds permit.


Journey Men Program

Being connected to nature and exploring the value of embracing the wilderness provides a unique environment for men who have used abuse and violence, to connect with their own sense of mindfulness and spirituality.


This pilot project was a therapeutic alternative for men who do not respond well to traditional counselling environments.


Through a number of day hikes men gathered together with two therapists to walk through a wilderness experience conducive to calm, considerate and thoughtful contemplation about their harmful behaviours.

journey men.jpg