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About the Sector

New Start Counselling is one of five "Strengthening Fathers" programs in Nova Scotia funded through the Department of Community Services. A sixth program is attached to the Domestic Violence Court as a pilot in Sydney.


New Start has moved away from a psycho educational approach originally found in men’s intervention groups. New Start sees value in using a restorative justice approach that invites the healing and repairing of relationships. A punitive legal system does not encourage individuals to take responsibility for the harm they have done and continues to place the responsibility for change on partners.


New Start is creating a unique framework to move toward a family-centered approach. After all, men come from families and families come from communities and communities are asking to be peaceful. 

Community Outreach

New Start is often asked to participate in panel presentations, conversations with students and as speakers at public education events. Call the office if you would like someone to speak to your group on the issue of men’s violence towards women and how New Start’s intervention methodology supports individuals to change their behaviour.


New Start Poster Campaign Launch:

Student Internships

New Start is pleased to offer master level internships to students who are enrolled in graduate programs such as clinical counselling or clinical social work.

We are also able to offer student placements for social work or social service students within our community team.


Occasionally we have provided placements for community nursing students. There are many opportunities for research students to work with us on topics that would be helpful to our organization.

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