Frequently asked questions

If I am on probation, how soon can I access services?

If you are involved in the criminal justice system you will be offered group counselling. Group is held twice or three times a year and runs for sixteen weeks. The wait time for you would depend on when the next group is going to be held.

Can I attend group rather than individual counselling?

Most people prefer individual counselling before joining group. This would be discussed with your counsellor to determine the appropriateness of group for you.

If I have to go to court, how much information is shared with the court?

If New Start staff are asked to write a letter to your Social Worker, Probation Officer or Lawyer for court purposes, we will state your attendance record and comment on the progress you have made. Principles of informed consent and practices of confidentiality will be applied. If New Start files or staff are subpoenaed to attend court, staff must provide the information the court is requesting.