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Our Mission and History

New Start Counselling is a place where change begins for individuals affected by intimate partner violence. We help individuals move away from abuse and violence toward the respectful relationships they prefer. We do this by providing a safe and healing counselling environment.

New Start began in October 1974 as a project, to provide a counselling service for men whose partners had to take shelter in Bryony House, the local transition house for women. Ken Belanger, a social worker, was instrumental in bringing forward the value and importance of men involved in violent relationships becoming engaged in a therapeutic journey that would lead to more respectful and healing relationships.

Over time, the clinical approach has embraced Narrative Therapy where people are invited to identify what they want in relationships and find out what has prevented them from achieving the relationships they want. Now, New Start is an independent society registered under the Societies Act of the Province of Nova Scotia. In 2012, New Start received charitable status through the Canada Revenue Agency.

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